We are proud to introduce you to our company, Kaszowski Group LLC. The company has been in the roll-forming business for over fifteen years.
Throughout our years of experience, we have built customer confidence and trust in the production of innovative, custom, and standard products.

We have designed machines that are uniquely strong and of highest quality.
Products offered by Kaszowski Group LLC are built to last, our services are affordable, and we provide rapid response to our customers' needs!

As our business is constantly growing, and we are now dealing with more satisfied customers, we are ready to take up new challenges!
Therefore, we are proud to announce that we now offer a new, modernized spin-down system customized to your company's needs.
The spin-down system offered by Kaszowski Group will surely save you manufacturing time, coil material, and what is most important, it will help you save money!
The system has been upgraded to its most innovative and efficient version!

We guarantee you that our new spin-down machine is going to be the heart of your business!
We want to provide you with the best equipment, so that you can provide your customers with the best end product possible!
If you need more information regarding the spin-down system or any other system, please give us a call today!