24" coil Re-coiler includes adjustable arbor that will allow you to recoil the coils to standard 16" ID coils Maximum 24" wide and 2000 LBS.

 Comes with manual scissors shear, 1.50 HP DC motor with 30:1 ratio gear box for more power. Speed of the machine is control by Baldor adjustable speed DC controller. Machine comes also with programable controller that will allow you to program desire length and machine will automatically stop. Our re-coiler also comes with two sets of slitting knives. Knifes are build into the machine that makes very easy to slit coils at good speed. Machine comes with ruler 📏 designated for slitting knives that makes setting of slitting width easy and fast. Also our knifes or made out of harden steel that will make the easy, "clean" cut and they will last for many cuts. Combine that machine with one of our de-coilers and you will be able to offer to your customers nicely tight and evenly re-coiled coils.  If you looking for good quality machine on the budget that will improve your business for long time and in the long run will save you time and money 💵!!!!!  This machine can be used for roofing coils as well as gutter coils.


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