Upright Coil Racks this racks system is design for Hi speed gutter coil  recoiling. Each rack includes 3 adjustable arbores for 16" ID coil. Maximum 18" wide. Each arbor is control by two friction brakes that will allow you to fully control tension of the coil and prevent any spinouts and if you care about quality of the recoiled coils you have to be able to control the tension!!!! Combine those racks with our Gutter coil re-coiler and you going to save time and money. It can be used as single unit and also they can be combined to multiple units together. With multiple units we also offer railing system that can be installed  with our 16″ or 24″ Re-coiler. That system  allows you to slide the machine in front of the racks for faster recoiling. Also more coil on the racks less coil on the ground equals less scratches less material wasted!!!!  


Dimensions: W 29" L 56" H 83" Weight: 190 lbs